Whether you'd like to learn sewing and drawing for FUN or dream of launching your own fashion BUSINESS or maybe you want to live a life of PURPOSE while expressing your CREATIVITY, I've created the Fashion Academy & Network with different learning opportunities for YOU


  • Downloadables

    Purchase instant downloads of templates for fashion illustration, such as croqui's for drawing your design ideas and fabulous coloring pages to gift the fashionista in your life.


    Show me how you use my downloadables by tagging me on social media @velvetkatart , and you might get a shoutout!

  • VK Business & Fashion Network

    Join my fashion club for fun creative meetups in Los Angeles to get you out of the house feeling inspired, discounts to creative workshops & educational events, online broadcasts with guest speakers sharing their knowledge in the fashion industry, and instant access to my own informational content.


    All these, so that you can meet others like you and choose how you learn what you want to learn in design, illustration, and business.

  • Workshops & Events

    Attend my budget-friendly workshops and events to learn all sorts of fashion skills, such as fashion illustration, embroidery, hat making, corset making, business planning, paid advertising, and so much more!

  • Mini Courses

    For the first time, I'm creating Step-by-Step online courses for you. A budget-friendly way to learn, in which you can go at your own pace from anywhere you are and choose the topics most specific to your needs.

  • Fashion Illustration & Biz Live Class

    These are 3 classes I'll be teaching three times next year and once this Autumn. You'll be able to choose the class you want to join, whether that be watercolor illustration, digital illustration, or art business to build a successful life from your passion.


    PLUS, you'll have access to all my VK Network perks and the course on designing fashion collections!


  • Summer Class for Teens

    If you or someone you know is a fashionista teenager, I'd love to meet you during one of my Fashion Summer Classes in Los Angeles! Parents have often asked me if I teach kids, and over time, I'd like to incorporate more opportunities like this one for younger age groups.

    Spend a whole week being a fashion designer and see your ideas come to life.

  • Annual Fashion Program

    Instead of going to college for fashion design, where you'll only learn the craft and go into financial debt, join my Fashion Program!


    I've carefully created a lesson plan to get your first collection off the ground and launch your fashion brand within 28 weeks. Nothing is impossible with guidance, hard work, and belief.

  • 1 on 1 Lesson Plan & Mentorship

    If you love drawing and would love to find out how to make a magnificent full time income from your passion; or you love fashion and need help figuring out all the steps you need to take to launching your business idea, I'm here to create a plan specific to your needs and mentor you on your way up.

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