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Whether you're interested in learning fashion illustration or fashion design and would like to build a business with your ideas, I'd love to be the one to mentor you

These are 1-on-1 lessons for your level, pace, and unique goals

Imagine finally expressing your creative ideas in illustration or fashion form. All it would take is step by step practice as you learn from someone dedicating their time and attention solely to you. No distractions or rushing or missing out on anything important.

Also, imagine that if you want to make these skills more than a hobby, YOU CAN. You can build a career and new business out of your talents and ideas, because countless other people have done it with passion, action, increased knowledge, and perseverance. The beginning of an entrepreneur or freelance journey is always scary and overwhelming when there is a wealth of information online and you don't know where to start.

That's why I guide you based on your goals, and then you have control over what you learn and when.


Are you ready to elevate your life?


Everything is completely tailored to your needs. We can go through your chosen lessons in one day or over the course of a couple days to weeks. Most lessons come with an assignment to practice after our class, that you'll upload through a private Google Drive folder. You'll also be able to ask questions 24/7.

For these private lessons, we can meet in Los Angeles or via Skype

Open to all ages 13 and up


No need to worry about forgetting anything, because each one of our sessions will be recorded, so that you get to see and keep the recording(s) in your private Google Drive folder. Yours for life!

3 months FREE access to the VK Business and Fashion Network. This subscription is a members-only club, with new inspiring and educational content being uploaded on a monthly basis, where you'll get to ask career and art questions.

5 Video Course to Designing Amazing Fashion Collections

4 Steps to Finding Your Style as a Designer PDF Instant Download

Choose FASHION ILLUSTRATION or FASHION DESIGN below to check out the learning packages you can choose from!
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