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Fashion Design Summer Class for Teens

Los Angeles, July 28-August 3 2019

(Limited to only 15 students Ages 13-17)

It'll be the summer week of a lifetime! Students will get to create their design ideas with like-minded fashionistas under the guidance of Velvet Kat , a fashion illustrator and instructor based in Los Angeles. It'll be an opportunity for them to express their fashion creativity and have fun learning skills they can use as a first step towards their dreams.

Read about the program below and fill out the form to register!

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5pm Welcome dinner with students and parents

HW Watch video series on "How to Design Fashion Collections" and take notes



11am Class Starts - Go over HW, pick a class collection theme, and design a top/skirt outfit


1pm Lunch break


2pm-7pm Learn measurements and start patternmaking for tops/skirts work

Seamstress hands on the work table with
Fabric in Rolls



11am Meet at Fashion District to scout fabrics


1:30pm Lunch break


2:30-7pm Continue patternmaking designs and start cutting samples in muslin



11am Learn sewing and start samples


1pm Lunch break


2pm-7pm Testing samples, adjusting, and sewing in actual fabric

Sewing Machine
Fashion Accessories



11am Meet at mall to learn styling and scout pieces for outfit


1pm Lunch break


2pm-7pm Continue sewing



11am Finish sewing


2pm Lunch break


3pm-6pm Fun time painting fashion illustrations of designs

Photographer in a Photoshoot



11am Meet at Photo studio, prep makeup/hair/outfits

(Lunch breaks as desired)

1pm Start fashion shoot

7pm Clean up and final goodbyes



FREE Access to the VK Business & Fashion Network from now till the end of the Summer Program! Start learning and being inspired today through video tutorials, articles, and downloadable content


Professional fashion shoot of your designs and direct mentorship from Velvet Kat


You can choose to stay in a dorm with your classmates! Make new friends in a spacious condo with TV, Wifi, food, and comfort in the energizing city of LA

. . . Future Perk . . .


25%OFF One-time Code and 10%OFF Lifetime code to all my workshops and learning opportunities for fashion illustration, design, and business


Get to download ALL my fashion illustration templates from 2019 for FREE

(Available instantly on the Enrollment Confirmation Page and Student Portal)


"Angelica is passionate about her work and the passion shows in her teaching. She is extremely patient and creates an engaging environment for beginners like myself to explore our creativity. I have learned more in a single session with Angelica than I have with previous instructors at professional art studios" - Cynthia

"Angelica's fashion illustration class was amazing! Right from the start we took pencil to paper and had the basics we used to build upon. We left with three drawings, one of which we used a watercolor technique, along with tips of drawing wardrobe, faces, and hair. Angelica's clear instruction and kind encouragement instilled confidence and was much appreciated. Even if you have no backgroung in art, you can positively take this class and be amazed that you can draw too!" - Sunny

"Learning fashion illustration from Angelica was so much fun! I learned a lot from her, and in just a few short hours could sketch a full figure! I definitely recommend taking her workshop, wether you're a beginner or already know the basics, it's a great workshop to take" - Lauren

Velvet Kat Angelica Chavez fashion instructor



I'm Angelica aka Velvet Kat! Teaching fashion illustration, design, and business for 2 years now, along with creating fashion art for clients around the world. If you don't already know me through my social media or events, you can find out all about me in my bio page or social media buttons below.

Can't wait to meet everyone at my new annual Summer Program!

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  • How much does the fashion program cost?
    Affordable unlike any fashion program you've ever heard of, these are the payment plans you can choose from: ONLINE STUDENT - $89 deposit and $179/month for 9 months or - $490 deposit and $89/month for 12 months LOS ANGELES STUDENT - $189 deposit and $290/month for 10 months or - $790 deposit and $189/month for 10 months
  • I'm completely new to fashion. Will this program work for me?
    Absolutely! The fashion program is actually best for beginners and those that have maybe tinkered. If you're already experienced, you'll still learn tons of new things, but you'll have to be patient with the days that consist of things you already know.
  • What if I already know how to sew?
    You can still take the class to add to your practice and knowledge in sewing, because then you'll also learn to build a sustainable business from your designs. Being a designer is not just about making pretty clothes. If you're not interested in learning methods of gaining income from fashion design, then you're just a hobbyist, and this program is not for you.
  • I already launched my own fashion business, and just want to learn how to make it successful."
    Congratulations on the courage to start this journey! You'll still love the fashion program, or you can also check out the LEARN button on my website menu. I have one-on-one business and marketing lessons, my VK Network, and continuing to add new educational resources.
  • How do I know that this program is real? I'm nervous about paying the tuition cost
    You can stay connected on Instagram @velvetkatart or @fashionacademynet, or my Kat Mail monthly newsletter for updates and invites to fun informational events.
  • I don't know what I want to do as a career, but I know I love fashion. How will this program help me?"
    It's no problem at all that you're not sure on what you want to do, because even many that think they know end up realizing it's not what they expected and change paths. Through this program, you'll be learning a variety of topics, all of which have their own careers. Becoming a fashion designer isn't the only possibility. Take me, for example - I've built a sustainable career out of my fashion illustrations and have also decided to start teaching fashion entrepreneurship. So in this program, you'll learn what works for you after you try everything out that is taught in the curriculum.
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