Annual Fashion Program

Roadmap towards a financially free fashionable life

This program consists of 15 Lessons spread across 19 learning weeks with 8 additional workweeks and a final public workshop


Schedule of Choice:
3 options TBA


That's 3 groups, each with up to 12 students in Los Angeles and unlimited spaces online

Accepting all ages over 18

(Under 18 can still apply, and you'll be contacted when the program is opened to teens. Or for now, you can apply to my Summer Class for Teens!)


This curriculum is unlike any other you've ever seen, consisting of traditional fashion school lessons from ideation to construction, with additional lessons on topics beyond design that aren't taught in art schools, such as the real-world production, business, marketing, and management knowledge needed to succeed.


Week by week, you'll be taking what you learn and instantly applying it towards making your dream of becoming a fashion designer or owning a fashion business a reality - starting with everything you need to know to make a fashion collection and leading towards launching a fashion brand that's uniquely yours.


With mentor guidance and a support network of current and future classmates during and after the program, you'll be able to fast track your dream life without the expensive disheartening mistakes most entrepreneurs experience. Just show up, take lots of notes, analyze, practice, take control, and take action!


Selling you the fashion dream

of fame and fortune

US Student Loan Debt 2017 statistics report $1.3trillion crisis

Average per student:

$37k borrowed, X2 to pay back


Design and labor focused

No debt to worry about!

We have Inexpensive tuition


Goal focused with endless

creative and business guidance

to take you from A to Z

Here to unleash the greatness

you already own, to achieve a

life you love and even impact the

world with your talent

Research reports that only

between 10-57% of fashion

students and alumni from

renowned schools are happy

with their business education

Business education is our top priority, with up-to-date information that ACTUALLY works

Once you finish school, that's

the end of the line & you're left

to handle the rest on your own

You'll have access to your

account and new resources

for life! With career mentorship

for as long as you're subscribed

Forced to take and pay for

extra classes you don't need

No irrelevant lessons; everything

we teach has a purpose


Are you ready to really focus and make an effort?


To learn the actual creative and business skills you need?


To follow your passion for fashion and change your life?

Fill out your info to get on the Waitlist and see if our program is the right fit for you

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