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Annual Fashion Program

Roadmap towards a financially free fashionable life

Not just a fashion class;

A challenging EXPERIENCE aimed at developing YOUR GREATEST POTENTIAL into the life of your dreams


This program consists of 15 Lessons spread across 19 learning weeks with 8 additional workweeks and a final public workshop


Schedule of Choice:
3 options TBA


That's 3 groups, each with up to 12 students in Los Angeles and unlimited spaces online

Accepting all ages over 18

(Under 18 can still apply, and you'll be contacted when the program is opened to teens. Or for now, you can apply to my Summer Class for Teens!)


This curriculum is unlike any other you've ever seen, consisting of traditional fashion school lessons from ideation to construction, with additional lessons on topics beyond design that aren't taught in art schools, such as the real-world production, business, marketing, and management knowledge needed to succeed.

Week by week, you'll be taking what you learn and instantly applying it towards making your dream of becoming a fashion designer or owning a fashion business a reality - starting with everything you need to know to make a fashion collection and leading towards launching a fashion brand that's uniquely yours.

With mentor guidance and a support network of current and future classmates during and after the program, you'll be able to fast track your dream life without the expensive disheartening mistakes most entrepreneurs experience. Just show up, take lots of notes, analyze, practice, take control, and take action!

Traditional Art School VS Our Fashion Program


Selling you the fashion dream

of fame and fortune

US Student Loan Debt 2017 statistics report $1.3trillion crisis

Average per student:

$37k borrowed, X2 to pay back


High fashion model
Fashion program Los Angeles business
Fashion Sketch
Makeup artist
Woman in Retail Store
Work Station
Fashion program Los Angeles styling
Fashion shoot
Velvet Kat Illustration
Fashion Design Models
Business Meeting
Fashion Model
Paint Brushes
Textile design
Public Speaker
Creative Meeting
Digital fashion illustration
Tailor's Tools

Design and labor focused

No debt to worry about!

We have Inexpensive tuition


Goal focused with endless

creative and business guidance

to take you from A to Z

Here to unleash the greatness

you already own, to achieve a

life you love and even impact the

world with your talent

Research reports that only

between 10-57% of fashion

students and alumni from

renowned schools are happy

with their business education

Business education is our top priority, with up-to-date information that ACTUALLY works

Once you finish school, that's

the end of the line & you're left

to handle the rest on your own

You'll have access to your

account and new resources

for life! With career mentorship

for as long as you're subscribed

Forced to take and pay for

extra classes you don't need

No irrelevant lessons; everything

we teach has a purpose



LESSON 1 - Market & Concept

LESSON 2 - Fabric & Sourcing

LESSON 3 - Fashion illustration on paper

LESSON 4 - Digital fashion illustration

LESSON 5 - Draping

LESSON 6 - Patternmaking

LESSON 7 - Sewing

LESSON 8 - Photoshoot Essentials

LESSON 9 - Business & Production

LESSON 10 - Branding

LESSON 11 - Graphic Design

LESSON 12 - Social Media

LESSON 13 - Website

LESSON 14 - Fashion World

LESSON 15 - Paid Advertising


There is NEVER A RIGHT TIME or wrong time to start following your dreams, as long as you START and never give up



Welcome package with $200 worth of tools and supplies for the class


Lifetime access to online portal, where you can replay class lesson recordings and download resources


Lifetime access to VK Business & Fashion Network community - so you can ask questions when you need advice, share progress to inspire future fashionpreneurs, and even make collaboration connections!


6 month's FREE access to my VK Business and Fashion Network as a Diamond Member after the class, with industry members guiding your future


Limited time offer! Opportunities to attend your choice additional classes after the program for FREE. (Examples: Retail Management, Textile Design, Future of fashion in tech, Swimwear, Menswear, Childrenswear, Costume design, Embroidery, etc)

Right Fit?


Are you ready to really focus and make an effort?


To learn the actual creative and business skills you need?


To follow your passion for fashion and change your life?

Fill out your info to get on the Waitlist and see if our program is the right fit for you

How did you find out about the fashion program?

Your request has been submitted and I'll get back to you within 3 days. Check your email right now, so that you can check if my first email went through or got sent to spam. We wouldn't want that! 😄

Velvet Kat Angelica Chavez fashion instructor

Hi! My name is Angelica, aka Velvet Kat, and I'm the founder of the Fashion Academy & Network. I created the Fashion Academy to bring out the creative and success potential of aspiring fashion designers-like you!

I've been drawing since I was a 5 and fell in love with fashion when I was 13. Started teaching fashion and illustration a couple years ago, while also creating artwork for clients around the world.


Through my experiences in the fashion industry as a freelancer, collaborator, and entrepreneur on the pursuit of my own dreams, I learned many things on my own that I didn't learn in fashion school, and felt a sudden drive to help others not make the same mistakes or endure the same obstacles.


I've also especially learned to be confident in my own self-expression, evolving from an incredibly shy girl to the eccentric independent woman I am today. That is not to say that I am perfectly fearsome, because I still have my introvert moments, but I'm always capable of staying true to myself.


With patience, innovation, clear and focused direction, and challenges that inspire you to grow, I look forward to leading you into the life of your dreams!


  • How much does the fashion program cost?
    Affordable unlike any fashion program you've ever heard of, these are the payment plans you can choose from: ONLINE STUDENT - $89 deposit and $179/month for 9 months or - $490 deposit and $89/month for 12 months LOS ANGELES STUDENT - $189 deposit and $290/month for 10 months or - $790 deposit and $189/month for 10 months
  • I'm completely new to fashion. Will this program work for me?
    Absolutely! The fashion program is actually best for beginners and those that have maybe tinkered. If you're already experienced, you'll still learn tons of new things, but you'll have to be patient with the days that consist of things you already know.
  • What if I already know how to sew?
    You can still take the class to add to your practice and knowledge in sewing, because then you'll also learn to build a sustainable business from your designs. Being a designer is not just about making pretty clothes. If you're not interested in learning methods of gaining income from fashion design, then you're just a hobbyist, and this program is not for you.
  • I already launched my own fashion business, and just want to learn how to make it successful."
    Congratulations on the courage to start this journey! You'll still love the fashion program, or you can also check out the LEARN button on my website menu. I have one-on-one business and marketing lessons, my VK Network, and continuing to add new educational resources.
  • How do I know that this program is real? I'm nervous about paying the tuition cost
    You can stay connected on Instagram @velvetkatart or @fashionacademynet, or my Kat Mail monthly newsletter for updates and invites to fun informational events.
  • I don't know what I want to do as a career, but I know I love fashion. How will this program help me?"
    It's no problem at all that you're not sure on what you want to do, because even many that think they know end up realizing it's not what they expected and change paths. Through this program, you'll be learning a variety of topics, all of which have their own careers. Becoming a fashion designer isn't the only possibility. Take me, for example - I've built a sustainable career out of my fashion illustrations and have also decided to start teaching fashion entrepreneurship. So in this program, you'll learn what works for you after you try everything out that is taught in the curriculum.
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