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Fashion Lessons

What are the options I can choose from for learning from you?

You can join one of my workshops or online classes when I open them to the public, or you can book me as your private instructor/mentor based on your goals and chosen schedule, or you can join my VK Network to learn at your own pace from the unlimited knowledge and resources I provide every month. Check out the Learn page for information about these!

Where do you teach?

My workshops are in Los Angeles and online classes are open to students worldwide. For 1on1 students, we can meet in Los Angeles or online; or I can travel to my students up to a 25 mile radius for an additional fee.

Do you teach fashion design or illustration?

I teach both and I also teach business/marketing for those ready to make their passion a profitable lifestyle.

Do you have payment plans for 1on1 classes?

I do have a few options you can choose from to break down payments based on your budget. You can book a full bundle of 5 lessons paid upfront to take advantage of a discounted rate or you can book me 1 day at a time with individual 3hr lessons. Check out those options by first choosing Fashion Design or Fashion Illustration at the 1on1 Lessons page. If you want to learn both things, choose Fashion Design.

What if I can't meet on the day(s) I chose for my lesson plan?

I am highly flexible :) You can postpone anytime, because I'll let you know if I'm available or not.

What if I want to cancel my classes?

If you started a 1on1 lesson plan with me, you'll be refunded for any classes you haven't taken.


What if I don't know what photo(s) I want you to draw?

You'll be able to show me your options and I'll choose what I believe will create a beautiful piece.

How long will it take for me to receive my artwork?

Time varies depending on details. A few people with no background can be completed in less than a week or up to one month if it includes background. Wedding and family portraits can also take 2-8 weeks without a rush upgrade. This is because I want your piece to be AMAZING and inspiring every time you and everyone you know looks at it. It's also because I schedule it on separate days balancing with all clients at the same time, so that I can take breaks between work and keep my mind refreshed.


Do you ship International?

Due to numerous issues with shipping to the UK, I don't want to risk the same thing happening with other international countries, so I'm only shipping to Mexico, Canada, and Australia.

If you're in a different country, you can still request a commission as Files Only, so that I send you the high resolution files and you print on anything you want as many times as you want :)

If you really really want a physical product, please send me a message to get a shipping with insurance quote. Depending where you are located, shipping fees may starts at USD$20.


What happens if my package is lost?

Mail/parcel is considered "lost" when tracking shows that it was never delivered. I will do the best I can to investigate and resolve the issue.

You're responsible with providing the correct shipping address, ensuring that a secure delivery location is available, and picking up your delivery from the post office near you in a timely manner if you got a delivery notice. If tracking says delivered, but you never received your delivery, please follow up with your courier/postal service. No refund or replacement item will be provided, but I can send you a high-resolution file if I have it.

If by any chance, USPS recovers the package and sends it back to me, I can try to ship it back to you with an additional shipping fee.

What if I want to cancel my order?

Due to all my shop items being custom or downloadable, orders can't be returned or exchanged. I always work to the best of my ability to provide you with beautiful art to your vision, and you get to see photos before I ship out physical products.

You may cancel for a full refund within 12 hours or before I start the illustration outlines. Once I show you the first outlines photo, if you'd like to cancel your order for any reason, I'll refund your payment except for 50%(on orders under $80) or $50(on orders over $80)

Wholesale availability

There are 2 ways we can partner for me to be the artist for your business :)

You can go to the Section in my shop called Art for Business and place your orders with listings that include Commercial Licenses. With these listings, the Licenses grant you lifetime copyright ownership of the art I create for you. You may reproduce and profit as you please, as long as they're printed on products.
You can message me to discuss a Commission Agreement where you pay me a small percent of your sales each month. You will still need to place an order prior to me starting your artwork, but the total will be over 40% off 4 or more illustrations.

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