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6 Step Checklist to Start Pursuing a Creative Career

This checklist is useful for all creatives from photography to fashion to illustration, and more.

For you to take this checklist into action, focus on your best skillset.

A tip I share with multi-passionate creatives is to make a list of all your skillsets and career/business ideas. Try to figure out what your top three are that you're most excited about. Choose one and set a one to two year deadline, so that you're focused and won't feel like you're missing out on your other passions.

Time will fly, I can promise you that! It's better to start pursuing one passion and succeed with it, than to start a bunch and be so overwhelmed year after year, not succeeding in any.

So now that you're ready, here's your checklist below!

6 Step Checklist to Start Pursuing a Creative Career

Download it, share it, print it, schedule it in and take action. By following these steps, you'll be able to work for a company or for yourself.


Ideal customer analysis (define who you want to work for : families and home decor, big beauty and fashion labels, celebrities, fashion bloggers, general fashion lovers with certain style, etc)


Describe your brand in a way that differentiates yourself from others. What makes you stand out from the rest. Also incorporate a message you stand for and vision of the future for your brand.


Branding - colors, fonts, style aesthetic. Create a document with this information that you can come back to anytime you're lost or need to keep partners/staff on the same table.


Build a portfolio with work that will attract your ideal customer (by creating free art for a limited time or working with certain big names to gain credibility) and make sure to collect great testimonials from each of those clients.


Create a landing page for your brand that's simple, gets to the point, and states a call-to-action. Starting a website doesn't even need to be complicated with multiple pages. All you need is:

  • a captivating image that fills the whole page, or a solid color background with an image of your work and you

  • short sentence that describes what you do (literally a short sentence, 3-10 words)

  • call-to-action, meaning tell viewers why they should subscribe to your mailing list (people love gifts, offers, and information)

  • mailing list button to collect emails


Social media

Instagram - Have 3 months worth of content ready (your own art, quotes, inspiration, customer lifestyle, etc)

Twitter - Follow accounts that your target audience could be following, so that you can retweet the content that catches your eye. You can also tweet your IG posts

Facebook - Connect your IG, so that you can share content automatically. Treat your followers like friends, not customers

Youtube - Have at least 5 videos up and 2-3months worth of content ready, so that you're not playing catchup

More knowledge specific to each of these steps coming soon! Comment your thoughts and/or questions below



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