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3 Fun and Inexpensive Methods of Making Money to Fund Your Dream Fashion Business

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Guys! I've stumbled on a goldmine! This first video below was recommended to me on Youtube, and then I found more and more amazing ones.

I wanted to share this information with you, so that you can start funding your fashion business without spending your own money!


Launching a new fashion business with an old school mindset is expensive and risky.

The old method, which could cost you over $10k, would be:

  • Producing large quantities of clothes to sell in a boutique and online, hoping that people will love it

  • Or paying research services to analyze markets and trends, so that you have a higher chance of people loving your brand, and then producing large quantities of clothes to sell in a boutique and online

  • Or producing large orders for retail stores to pay you wholesale prices IF and after your products sell

You might need loans or borrow from friends/family or hope to find an angel investor, if you don't have the money.

But, I've found these amazing ways to make money WITHOUT spending thousands of dollars. The only expenses would be a few pieces of equipment and some minimal fees for using the platforms.

I specifically chose these money making methods, because with them you're able to still work on things you're passionate about(for example if you're obsessed with flowers or shoes or home decor). They're specifically not the random hundred other ways to make money, like selling your voice or proofreading or participating in surveys. With these methods, you'll be learning business skills, customer service, improve your understanding of design and branding, and get to make a bunch of mistakes on these attempts instead of your actual dream fashion business.

I recommend choosing 1 or 2 niche(specific topic and/or audicence) ideas to try from these methods below for 6-12 months or until you raise enough capital for your fashion business. If you don't know how much money you'd need to raise, check out my post on Finances.


1 - eCommerce

I believe this method has been called Dropshipping by other Youtubers, but if you look into making money that way, you'll find that it can get very overwhelming and disappointing very quickly. But this video, wow! Steps are easy to follow, to sell products in a specific niche you love without needing to have anything in stock; aaand not having to worry about what to sell or whether the products are good quality.

2 - YouTube

This method blew my mind! We've all probably noticed these types of videos the guy is talking about and even followed some accounts like them, but never paid much thought to them. It's insane that this method can be done by literally anyone and everyone. You can focus on any niche, like recipes around the world or farm animal facts or luxury styling tips. Notice how those topics are specific? You also don't need to be great in front of the camera, because you don't need to be the face of the channel.

3 - Instagram

I know this one might shock you that I've included it here, because it sounds repetitive and done over, but this method is not what you think. You also don't have to show your face or create your own content. What's important is just that you have your focused niche and post daily to grow your account. Once you reach over 5k or people ask for shoutouts, you can start charging low and then increasing in cost as your account grows even further. Payment could be like $10/post to start or requesting free products or both plus commission from affiliate links.


  • Pick 1 or 2 niches in 1 or 2 platforms and stick with it! Don't overwhelm yourself trying to do everything, because you will burn out and quit like everyone else

  • Be very specific about your niche. Example 1: tips on budget fashion for busy moms over 40 that still want to look stylish. Example 2: quirky funny vs edgy cool products for cat lovers.

Hope you've enjoyed this information and try it out! You can always reach out to me if you have questions or comment your outcomes below :)


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