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4 Methods of Digitally Drawing with Adobe

Ready to learn different ways of drawing your fashion illustrations? Below, you'll be learning 3 methods of sketching your designs in Adobe Illustrator and the freehand sketching method for both Illustrator & Photoshop.

METHOD 1: Illustrator Image Trace

This method will take you the longest to sketch, but it works great to not have to freehand your sketch, if you don't have a pen tablet. It will automatically trace your sketches, so all you have to do is clean them up. You can also use the Pen Tool to draw new lines.

METHOD 2: Illustrator Calligraphic Brush Trace

This method is my personal favorite. It creates beautiful clean dynamic lines and is the fastest way to draw your illustrations. Works for you if you have a pen tablet.

METHOD 3: Illustrator & Photoshop Freehand Draw

In this third method, you can either freehand draw your lines in Illustrator or Photoshop. You'll be needing a pen tablet for both platforms. If you're not used to the pen tablet, though, your lines might come out a bit crooked in Photoshop. Illustrator will automatically smooth out your lines - just make sure you're using the calligraphic brush from Method 2.

METHOD 4: Scan and Multiply

This third method might be your favorite, because it's quick and easy.

Next tutorial will be on rendering your illustration in full color!

Have any questions? Which method is your favorite and least favorite?



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