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Art & Fashion Network

This is an exclusive network you're invited to be active by following along during Live workshops, asking questions, interacting with fellow members, sharing your experience on social media, and choosing what you want to learn for the level you're in.


It'll be great for you if you're 1 of these:

- You're just starting out in need of guidance or you'd like to advance your skills towards a fashion or art career

- Art or fashion is your creative outlet

- Spiritual concepts like manifestation & tarot peak your interest

Hi! I'm Angelica aka Velvet Kat, and I'd love to have you join if you're kind, sparked by creativity, and ready to learn! Keep reading to find out how the VK Network aligns with your goals

These are some of the topics that will be covered through my Youtube VK Network Knowledge Base, Resource Library, workshops, events, livestreams, and other fun meetups:

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