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FD 5 Lesson Bundle

FD 5 Lesson Bundle

Take your pick from the lessons listed below :)


If you already know that you want a full course with multiple days to learn from me, you can book me in advance with this bundle! We'll be meeting 3hrs a day on the same weekday, once a week for 5 weeks. Since this mentorship is at your pace, you can push weeks sometimes for extra time to practice what you learn, or if life gets in the way.


By choosing this 5 Lesson Bundle, you're saving $180 compared to the 3hr Lessons booked separately, which means you're actually getting 1 lesson free!


After you place your order, look through my Calendar to be up to date on my available time. Also check your email for a message from me, so that you can respond with the weekday/time you'd like to book me and whether you'd like to meet in Los Angeles or via Skype.


- Fashion draping and/or patternmaking (5 sessions cover the basics - tops, skirts, pants/shorts, dresses, details)

- Fashion sewing (5 sessions cover the basics - tops, skirts, pants/shorts, dresses, details)
- Selling on Etsy(branding, pricing, how things work, getting clients) and production management
- Creating your website
- Business (finances, management, processes, legalwork, and figure out your unique plan)
- Branding (figuring out your target market and how to attract them)
- Marketing techniques and plan (social media, mailing list, PR)

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