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Fashion Illustration Print Galaxy High Fashion Runway Wall Art

Fashion Illustration Print Galaxy High Fashion Runway Wall Art

Surprise your fashionista sister, mom, or friend with a fierce and inspiring fashion illustration that you can print on any item of your choosing after downloading <3

As soon as you purchase, you'll be able to Instantly download the Galaxy Fashion Illustration Print

DIMENSIONS are 9"x12" in high-resolution 900dpi, which can be printed on items as big as 55"x75"! I don't do the printing, but you can check out websites that customize home goods for you; like you could get this painting printed on a blanket, a tote bag, a notebook, a tee. Ideas are limitless. You can also get prints here


I painted this fashion illustration wearing runway collection Fall 2017 Alexis Mabille, Pearls and Swine Unicorn Headpiece, and YRU Dimension floral reflective boots, with a galaxy background, using Acrylics and water on 9"x12" watercolor textured paper.


Enjoy lovelies!!


If you have any questions, you can message me :)


©Angelica Chavez

Images may not be copied, printed, reproduced or resold in any form without my permission. They are for personal use only. You agree to my shop policies by purchasing this item.

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