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Bulk Illustration Replicas for Commercial Use

Bulk Illustration Replicas for Commercial Use

If you own a t-shirt company or are launching a new fashion brand, and you're looking for an artist to paint your products, I'd love to work with you! This listing makes the process easy for you to commission handpainted products in bulk. They are handpainted replicas of 1 design on the products bundle you choose. Handpainted products can include jackets, shoes, purses, and other fabric surfaces.


Before purchasing replicas, you must purchase the custom illustration first through here


Contact me if you'd like to discuss your ideas before ordering, so that I can guide you as to which size, quantity, and add-ons work for you :)




1. Purchase this listing in the size closest to the space I'll be painting on your products (for example: Tees could be 8x10 and Jackets could be 20x20. Measurements are in inches)


2. Let's schedule a call to discuss your products! :) Check your email for an automated message from me. Respond to it with your best days/times for the call and phone number or Skype.


3. Ship me your products or bring them to me in person if you're in Los Angeles


4. I will show you photos of the first finished product, so that I can make any adjustments you'd like, and then proceed to painting the rest of your order


5. Once complete, I'll ship your order with insurance or we can meet again


Turnaround depends on details and other clients I'm working with at the same time. You can check out my calendar at

- If you have a specific deadline, add this listing to your order



If you have any questions before placing your order, head over to my Contact Form


©Velvet Kat / Angelica Chavez
Images may not be copied, printed, reproduced or resold in any form without my permission. They are for personal use only. You agree to my shop policies by purchasing this item.

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