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FI 1hr Lesson

FI 1hr Lesson

Take your pick from the lessons listed below! :)


You can book me for 1hr/1lesson at a time or reserve multiple hours for different lessons ahead of time. For example, you can select Quantity of 3 to learn Digital illustration with Photoshop, Designing patterns in Photoshop, and Creating your website all on different days.


After you place your order, check your email for a message from me, so that you can respond with your best days/times and whether you'd like to meet in Los Angeles or via Skype. I'll let you know know what works for me from your options.


LESSONS to choose from:
- Fashion illustration (Female croqui proportions, face, hair, clothes, and paint)
- Fashion illustration critique and improvements (advanced techniques, including menswear and/or childrenswear)
- Digital Illustration with Adobe Illustrator
- Digital Illustration with Adobe Photoshop
- Designing patterns/prints in Illustrator and/or Photoshop
- Drawing technical flats
- Selling on Etsy(branding, pricing, how things work, getting clients) and production management
- Creating your website
- Business (finances, management, processes, legalwork, and figure out your unique plan)
- Branding (figuring out your target market and how to attract them)
- Marketing techniques and plan (social media, mailing list, PR)

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