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Sewing Tutorial: Bodycon Dress with Wing Sleeves

Learn to make yourself a bodycon dress that you can customize to YOUR personal style! Choose black fabric for an edgy minimalist look or a colorful print fabric for an expressive look. You can also use the same fabric for the entire dress or different fabrics for the body and sleeves.

Have fun! and if you have any questions during any part of the video or your design process, comment them below :)

Just a note: Some of these sewing tutorials are created for hobbyists, not designers. Which means, I'm not showing ALL the steps, measurements, adjustments, etc that designers and manufacturers use. It makes things easier to follow, so that you don't get sidetracked with complicated details.



  • 1.5 yards fabric for dress body & 1/2 yard fabric for sleeves (or 2yards of fabric for entire dress) - both non knit

  • Thread(s) matching fabric colors

  • Your size pencil skirt that reaches the knee - not knit

  • Your size button-up straight blouse

  • Ruler, measuring tape, scissors, and pins

Sewing Order:

1. Darts on bodice and Darts on skirt

2. Bodice side seams and shoulders

3. Skirt side seams, hem, and center back (with zipper opening unsewn)

4. Connect bodice to skirt

5. Connect sleeves to bodice

6. Sew bias tape to neckline

7. Sew zipper


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