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Product vs Business

If one day you'd like to launch your own fashion label or boutique - or if you already do, but are struggling with building up - then keep reading. When designers begin working on a startup, they always think of the product first. I was guilty of that myself during my college years, because fashion institute curriculums focus solely on the design process, forgetting entirely about the brand and business. We design what WE feel and what WE like without ever thinking about who would be attracted to our designs. Basically, we're designing products. Those products might sell, but they won't sustain a business on their own. Think of music artists for example: the ones that were one-hit wonders vs the ones that continue to grow year after year. The ones that continue stand for something bigger than themselves. They represent independence, confidence, childhood, love, power, rage, success, fantasy. What do your favorite music artists represent? Why do their lyrics or sounds call you? Now incorporate that into your fashion brand. A brand is a community. Answer these questions for a successful fashion business:

  • What's your customers story? (not your story, their story)

  • What does your brand stand for? (e.g. elegance, self-expression, joy through colors, sustainability, beauty in all)

  • What are the words, images, and actions that your brand uses to communicate with that customer?

  • How can you grow the brand community? (social media, forums, clubs, affiliate programs, hashtags, events, etc)

  • What informational or inspiring content can you offer them?

Don't just promote promote promote, be engaging and you'll grow a loyal following. Have any questions? Type them below and we can use those for our network livestreams!



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