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Learn Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Illustration

In a past video, you learned how to navigate your way around Photoshop for fashion illustration. This video is to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator, which is a fantastic program for digital illustration.

In this tutorial, you're going to learn:

  1. How to set up your workspace

  2. Tools for illustration

  3. Creating shapes with Pen and Brush

  4. Using Pathfinder

  5. Saving your files

You can also download this worksheet below with keyboard shortcuts to the common illustration tools!

As you'll learn in a later post, you can start your drawings in Illustrator and then open them in Photoshop to render them in full colors and textures. You can also just draw AND color in Illustrator, which is pretty fun too.

A couple last notes:

You can group elements together (as in lines, shapes, images, and objects). Grouping them is useful so that you don't have to select every single piece of a drawing every time - you can just drag the group as one. To group, use Ctrl/Cmd + G .

Layers in Illustrator are different from Photoshop.

In Photoshop, every new layer can be drawn on, and then you can group the layers together.

In Illustrator, you just draw whatever you want and it goes on a layer automatically. You can hide the layer with all your items and drag it above or below other layers. You can also create groups of items inside the layer. We'll go more into this in another video.

If you start trying out Illustrator, share your doodles in the Forum! I'd love to see what you create



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