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How to Figure Out the Lifestyle You Really Want

Everyone thinks they want fame and wealth - that it's the only way to feel happy and fulfilled. The truth is that even rich people and celebrities can be


feel lonely

hate what they're doing

feel like they're missing something

even take drugs to escape their reality.

Whether you're at the top of the world or working paycheck to paycheck, if you're not doing what lights your soul on fire and truly love, you will never be happy.

But I WANT you to be happy, because you deserve it! Every single one of us has a set of skills to share with the world and a unique story to tell. They can be technical skills you've taught yourself or went to school to learn. They can be life skills you've learned through experiences. They can even be what people don't normally associate as skills, such as charisma, humor, natural leadership, giving, listening, and so much more.

So how can you figure out the lifestyle you really want with the skills that you have?

Here are some example questions to think about:

Do you want to travel all the time to explore cultures around the world and not own material things?

Or travel all the time living the luxury life of 5 star hotels and the best fashions?

Do you want to be able to have time for your family?

On a daily basis being able to there for them when they need you, or for family trips a few times a year?

Do you want to be working on your craft your entire life, even when you're old?

Or teach your craft and create pieces selectively?

Or create for your business and then sell it?

Do you want to manage a team that gets all your ideas executed?

Or manage a team that helps your business grow as you're the sole creator?

Do you want to be famous and can you handle it?

Do you just want to live free the rest of your life?

Do you want to help others or support an important cause?

I know, reading through those questions has probably overwhelmed you. In our world abundant with opportunity at the click of a button or tap of a screen, the dilemma is not whether we can or can't live our dreams anymore, it's information overload paralyzing us from choosing to start them - or even choosing between them all. You know what I mean? When you want to do a bunch of projects at one time.

This is the Simple-As-Possible Lifestyle Plan you can start with:


Write down all your best skills.

These can be literally anything, like befriending all types of people, which means you're great at communication and empathy; an eye for fashion; painting; organization; life hacks; technology; social media; writing; being funny; etc etc.


Write down the skills you want to learn and are willing to put in the time to learn.

Maybe even do a little research as to what classes you can take online and how long you estimate it would take you to learn each skill. I like to tell people to dedicate one new skill per year. That way you're not overworking yourself.


Write down your values.

What's very important to you that you will absolutely not sacrifice. For example, my values are family/friends, art/fashion/creativity, and animal rights. Because of my drive to build an animal rescue one day, I have never quit and will just keep moving up to get to that goal. Because of my love of family and friends, I work hard to give back to them and to others, so that we all succeed together. Because of my passion for art and fashion and an overall creative life, everything I do is in some way shape or form creative.


Now write down what you will absolutely NOT do in your life and career.

These could be things you've already done and didn't enjoy, along with things you haven't done and just wouldn't want to do the rest of your life. For example: freelancing vs working for a large corporation, working with individual clients vs groups, teaching, dealing with paparazzi and never having privacy, working 9-5, working 80+ hours a week, having a repetitive comforting schedule vs a dynamic sometimes overwhelming schedule, etc


After you've written all that down, look through everything and start piecing together what your potential paths could be.

Maybe you end up with a few different path choices, like I did; then you can start with the one you're most excited about or lay them out in an order that looks workable. Dedicate 1-3 years for one to grow and you can then add the next path into your journey for another 1-3 years, and repeat this process for each path idea you want to pursue. Do not attempt to do them all at once, because you WILL crash after years of nothing working. The idea is that once you grow one venture to a stage where you can delegate, automate, or systemize work, then you'll have the ability to start another venture. Below is an example of the life paths that I've chosen.

How is your plan looking? Have any questions? Did you have a revelation? Comment below, I'd love to hear!

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