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How to Change Lives

(Note: this is an old post from 2016)

Today, I had an enlightening discussion with my youngest sister, currently 18 years old (my sisters never seize to inspire me! I think I feel a lump in my throat). Man, as soon as we finished talking, I just had to share this entry. This one is a short one.

We got into the topic of how some of the kids at the school program she teaches are kids struggling to find themselves, and give up on caring about their lives. She told me how she loves colorguard (aerobic dancing with flags and props), and is passionate about the program she works for, because she hopes to help some of the students have something to look forward to. The discussion went on about possible future program ideas that she could implement to help kids around the world. I related to her how I want to rescue animals through selling fashion, and mentioned that she could give kids hope and inspiration with colorguard as well.

As simple as a quick discussion, we laid out plan ideas for a future program that changes kids lives through her passion for aerobic dance.

That is why I say to you - what are you passionate about, and how can you contribute to society, animals, or the environment? You can start with one small issue that keeps you up at night, and as your business expands, your contribution can expand as well.

Here are some examples of companies that do this very well:

Even these kids did it! If they can, then there is no excuse for anyone else not to. 6 Nonprofits Masterminded by Kids



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