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Handling Projects Like a Boss

My life consists of painting illustrations for Etsy clients, organizing my orders so that everything goes accordingly and on time, managing my social media accounts, teaching illustration to online students, editing my website, reading new books each month to improve my business/marketing skills even more, planning and managing my new fashion school starting soon, staying sane by going out with family and friends, and taking care of my Diabetes. Like everyone, my schedule is epically busy.

You might be wondering: How does she do all of that and remain sane?! Welp, I'm here to share my secret.

Asanda Project Management

For the past few years, I've been using an online team-calendar called Asana. It's been an off/on relationship, because one year was a struggle to find myself, so I didn't organize anything. Ever since I started my Etsy shop back in late 2016, though, I've been consistent with scheduling everything and getting so much in return from it. If you're wondering why I use Asana instead of a calendar book, it's because my life is constantly changing, and I can adjust quickly with the online tools to drag and drop tasks. Calendar books never worked for me, because they're either too small to write in, or take space on the table and I can't take them everywhere with me. They also don't have reminders!

Asana is:

- FREE, with paid business options

- Fun and easy to use (they also have tutorials on taking advantage of all their tools)

- You can add team accounts for your businesses or just add members to your calendar projects

- Everyone included can chat in the task forums, assign tasks, and upload documents

- and It merges with your Google Calendar, so that you can see upcoming tasks on your phone!

What are you working on the next couple of months that you're really excited about? and what do you do or use to manage your time?


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