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Find Peace, Live Happy

happy and peaceful woman walking on a sunny path

Are you constantly working and feeling like life is flying past you? Do you snap at your loved ones and then feel bad? Is there a habit you hate about yourself, but can't seem to stop it?

Now for some questions about how you interact with the world.

Do you get annoyed by or roll your eyes at the opposite sex?

When a person in their car cuts you off, do you get pissed and it ruins your day?

If a coworker says you're not doing something right, do you give them attitude?

Do you expect people to do and act certain ways?

These are signs that you are unhappy. But don't worry, happiness is easy to be reached! and you don't need money, things, power, or recognition for it.

It all starts with the way you view the world. That's right, it starts with you!

The world is not going to be perfect, so don't try to force it to go your way. But YOU can think and act certain ways to feel happy.

For Example

  • Practice small acts of kindness on a daily basis for no reason

  • Don't think of yourself as a weak nobody amidst a cruel world - you are a somebody that is aware, and as the people around you see how you act, their brains will adapt too

  • Write all the things you're grateful for in a journal every night

  • Remind yourself that everyone has internal wars and life conflicts that have nothing to do with you

  • Get rid of your Rule Book on what people should wear, say, or do

  • Stop viewing everyone for what they are or look like, and instead appreciate their unique skills

  • Let things be when they're not going your way - they are guides to where you're meant to go

  • Experiment with your style and things you do to find what you love, and ignore what people think or say negatively

  • Most importantly, take time to chill! Take breaks every couple hours to watch an educational show, read a fun book that inspires you, talk to someone on the phone about dreams and adventures, walk at the park, paint even if you have no idea what you're doing, just let go :)

Some Inspirational Quotes

Hope I ease some stress in your life with this post! Share any perspective changes or what your thoughts are on what I've written - agree or disagree? Are there some of these things I've written that you do or don't do? XO!



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