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Do This Before Launching Your Idea to the World

Do this before spending a ton of money and time on your idea! Everyone in the business world always says "start before you're ready", and I agree but also disagree. There is more to it than that. I agree, because you'll learn SO much more through mistakes the person that doesn't even try out of fear or wants things to go perfect. The truth is, you need to follow these steps before making a thing. I know, because I've gone through all the mistakes, spent thousands and failed, learned, retested, and then finally clicked everything into place. I invested time and money in so many courses that promised things like "$0-$5k in a month", "launch a million dollar business", "business in 5 days". BUT they ALL said "we can't promise you success, it's up to how much work you put in" and they were right. They can't promise it, because they are STILL like colleges that teach you all their methods without actual steps from start to success. They kinda just leave you to take what you've learned and figure out the rest for yourself.

That's why my Fashion Program is different! I know the steps, and I want to share them with those willing to take action against all odds. The ones with courage, passion, and drive. Why? Because there's no secret to success and if I guide you to achieve your goals, then you could also inspire and guide others, which in turn starts a cycle that changes the world. In all my content and curriculum,

I'm not telling you exactly what I did, because what I did was all over the place till I found the right keys. What I'm sharing with you instead are those right keys through actionable non-overwhelming steps that build up to your first year of sales. Then more content that guides you to the next step of leveling up and managing a big business, and then even more content as to what to do with your success - if you ask yourself, what next? Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Experiment and make as many mistakes starting out as possible, because making mistakes later on when you're already successful will affect you way worse than if you had learned about them in the beginning.

Ok, so now on to what you should do before launching your big idea.

First and foremost, A. Research to make sure you understand your customer and B. Start creating a mailing list.

Those two things are what EVERY multi-million dollar company and leader has done and what they're doing now. The idea that many people think, especially in the fashion industry, is that you should invest $10k to make your first collection and present it in runways. That could definitely work, but who has that money to risk with the possibility of failing? If you do, you are blessed. You can still take these two steps, though, to make sure your money is well spent.


So, research your target audience - what blogs do they read? what influencers do they follow? what youtubers do they watch? what are their favorite things? Make a list of all your findings social media accounts. You can also take advantage of my Target Market Analysis worksheet in my 5 Video Lessons to Designing Amazing Fashion Collections.

Understanding your audience will help you define your branding style and give you ideas for what gift you can provide them when signing up to your mailing list.


Once you know where your audience is, start your social media accounts with a few on-brand inspiring posts that are attractive to your audience and link to your mailing list. Then head over to those places that they are to get yourself noticed by being engaging and useful.

Just don't blast yourself like "hey, check out my content!" That's called spamming and no one likes it. Be patient and consistent.

The purpose here is to start growing your mailing list with authentic fans that are looking forward to what you're going to sell. You can even start asking them what they'd like to see with your brand.


If you're gaining responses, this means your idea is going to be loved when you launch, especially if you listen to what your audience tells you. If you're not gaining traction, this means you have to figure out how to niche your idea to be attractive. Maybe your potential audience doesn't understand what you're going to sell or what your style is. Maybe you're interacting with the wrong people that aren't your audience. Or maybe your gift isn't something your audience absolutely wants.

Keep testing and growing your list, but always stay true to your brand or you'll confuse your audience.

Also keep engaging on social media to stay top of mind.

Comment any questions and comments below! Also, would you like me to create a video or audio for this post?



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