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Can't Travel for Inspiration? Use this Art Resource

Google Arts & Culture

Have you ever said to yourself "If only I could travel wherever I wanted whenever I wanted to find inspiration for my creativity." No? I guess it's just me that wishes to travel for my design ideas. Maybe you already travel, congrats! Or maybe you just go around your city taking photos or Google inspiration.

Well if you're an artist, and you often find yourself stuck during the brainstorming stage; or you just appreciate art from around the world that you can't travel to at the moment, I just found the answer to your prayers!

The other day, I was watching TED talks from rebel artists, and one of them was the founder of the Google Art Project. My mind went CRAZY when I found out about this!!

Here's the link:

Google Arts & Culture

With this resource, you'll be able to look through thousands of archives about artists, movements, history, cultures, architecture, everything you could possibly be inspired by. You can even take virtual tours of museums around the world and zoom in on artwork to see their textures. Isn't that cool?!

I for one will definitely be using this every time I'm creating the moodboards for my fashion collections from now on.

What's the first thing YOU'LL be searching for and why? Share share! :)


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