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Boost Your Confidence with a Photoshoot

Over the past 5 years, I've been putting together and executing photoshoots for my designs on models and myself. I still remember when I started getting into modeling for fun. I was SO scared and had no idea really what to do with my body, having the photographers direct me.

These are two of my first photos back in 2011:

As time passed, I started feeling a sense of fearlessness. I would move my arms around, jump, dance, turn around, pay attention to my surroundings and body. Now I just let go! It feels empowering! If you look through my Instagram @velvetkat_, you'll see that I am a completely different person than I was in these two photos above. I had the fire in me, but shooting and style experimentation brought it out full force. That is why I totally recommend YOU try it out for yourself as well. Nothing bad will come of having fun, only good.


1. If you're too shy to go with a professional photographer, you can start with a high-quality smartphone. If you are up for the challenge, look for a local photographer and sign a contract that states price and how many photos you'll be receiving (you can start with someone charging $90/hour or $300 for a couple outfit changes with makeup/hairstyling, depending on what is available in your area).

2. Choose a couple outfits - one that is casual and your normal style, one that you find in a fashion magazine and you feel comfortable with, and one that is completely out of your comfort zone with bizarre colors and accessories. For the third one, layer skirts over dresses and mess up your hair OR wear a jacket and maxi dress with like ten chunky necklaces and boots. Have fun looking cuckoo! Who knows, you might find you actually enjoy being a little weird. I know I did!

Here are some examples from Betsey Johnson's collection at NY Mercedes Benz Fashion Week:

3. Do your makeup and hair in a sleek look or have a makeup/hairstylist style you, like this ad from Maybelline Clean Express. If you're feeling experimental, you can try out different colors or hairstyles as well.

4. Google "Fashion Editorials" and study the models movements, angles, even facial expressions in the mirror. DO NOT compare yourself to these models! Study the photos as products, not beauty. Focus on angles and expressions.

5. Have the shoot and have fun!! For the first few minutes, you might feel awkward and stare at the camera, but then you'll kinda just go with the flow. Listen carefully to the photographers direction and don't just stare at the camera the whole time. Pretend you're looking at the sky, dance, sit for coffee, walk an imaginary runway. There are so many posing possibilities!

6. If you got a professional photographer, expect to receive your photos in 2-4 weeks, but DO NOT pester them. Photography is their art and career, and they have lives too.

Keep experimenting and bringing out your wild side! You can even try out my 7 Day Style Challenge with your shoots, or before shooting to improve your fashion sense.

Comment below if you have any questions or thoughts after trying this out! I'd love to hear good or bad experiences. You can also tag your photos #SHOOT4CONFIDENCE to share your photos on social media and possibly get a shoutout from me :)


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