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7 Day Style Challenge

After pondering for days on how to start and write this post, I finally got some great ideas down. This post is important to me, because I believe that everyone can be a stunner, starting with confidence.

When you are confident, you have fun! When you're confident, you create amazing things!

I am creating this challenge to bring out your fire through experimentation, because I know how frightening it can be to try new style things on your own. With this challenge, you have an excuse to push your comfort for a week.

Every day for a week, you will have something different to try. You can try each thing separately or add them on top of each other until you're wearing everything together on the last day.

Post your looks on social media and #7STYLECHALLENGE so that I and everyone else can follow along your process! I encourage everyone to support each other with comments and likes.


Try a hairstyle you haven't tried before, like these examples here for short and long hair. If you're already feeling courageous, you can also cut or dye your hair, or try extensions or wigs.


Wear these three all at the same time or choose one of them:

-Multiple chunky necklaces


-Giant bow

Here are some examples!


Time for a little fun! Borrow or buy your friends hats (if you never wear hats) OR make your own headpiece by hot gluing whatever you want onto headbands (just make sure the headband is metal so it doesn't melt, or you can even buy an embroidery hoop to wear as a crown). When making your own, you can decorate the headband or hoop with flowers, tulle, spikes, chains, small toys, and every possible small trinket you could think of. You can also decorate plain hats. Here are some examples of what you can make!


Here's something simple you might have not thought of before. Try wearing one or two belts over your cardigan, jacket, or coat like in these examples below.


Another simple one you might have not considered trying, but very sexy and fierce. For this day, wear your jewelry over gloves like these gorgeous examples!


This style is one I've been seeing in magazines for years, but just recently started trying it out for myself and loving it. Try out a pair of socks with heels like shown below.


Final day of the challenge week, and one to end with a bang! Buy, rent, or borrow something you would NEVER buy for yourself, but it looks amazing. Something that you love but are too shy to try. This day is your excuse to buy ONE item that doesn't matter how much it costs, because it's a once in a lifetime experiment (unless you fall in love with what you learned from this blog post and want to keep challenging your style). For renting clothing, I recommend . For shopping, I recommend Nasty Gal or Dolls Kill, or even your local antique shop that also sells clothing.

So how did it go?! Did you have fun? Are you going to keep experimenting? Comment your thoughts below and I hope I start seeing posts for #7STYLECHALLENGE !


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