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5 Ways Fashion Designers Can Find Inspiration from Interior Design

I’ve always been fascinated by interior design and home decor - pinning my favorite bookcases, gardens, livingroom spaces, etc. When I was doing research for my Design Style mini course, I kept stumbling upon interior design articles.

That’s when an idea clicked and I created this post.

Trends are easier to spot in interior design than they are in the fashion world, even as easy as clearly labeled articles that say things like “Spring’s Best New Home Decor Patterns” or “Upcoming Interior Design Color Palettes for 2018.”

Anytime you’re lost when brainstorming a collection, check out some interior design magazine blogs!

One thing you see interior designers excel at over and over again is mixing and matching colors, prints, and textures. It’s INSPIRING the endless combinations they come up with, and they always manage to make them look GOOD!

Take some inspiration from home decor photos when trying to decide what colors to put with what prints, and add in those eccentric textures to wow your audience.

We assume that a house is a house and just place things where we see fit, without thinking about anything, except for “does it look pretty?” But interior designers are like magicians! They can totally transform a room into any mood or story. Rustic chic, minimalist punk, culture transformed, stylish on a budget, sea in the city, etc etc.

If you need a quick concept for your next collection, look through those “Best Home Decor Ideas” or “Livingroom Inspiration” articles!

Have you ever heard that vertical lines elongate the body or black hides imperfections. Well get ready to learn even more tricks of design! Interior designers always manage to surprise us with the little things, and you can use those in fashion too.

Things like adding a splash of color or texture in a neutral design, using both gold AND silver, toning down a crazy design with a touch of a natural element, layering contrasting patterns for extra luxe, or experimenting with unexpected materials.

Oftentimes, you’ll find that interior design articles mention “Make a Statement with..” or “Transform a Room with...” These are great ideas for details you can add to your designs.

Do you love unicorns or astronomy or cats or orchids? Place them strategically on clothing with their designated theme, in a way that is BAM the first thing you see or the mini focal point of a minimalist design. People are surprised and inspired by both. Who knows, you might set off a new trend!

I hope you find some inspiration in this way through interior design :) If you try it out or have any questions, let me know!


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