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4 Steps to Finding Your Style as a Designer

Have you ever wondered what your design style is that makes you unique from other designers and memorable to your future audiences?

I've created this wonderful set of steps to guide you in that thought process if you don't already know what your aesthetic is. Click the link below to access a downloadable pdf that you can study on the go or print and write down your thoughts!

I recommend once you start with Step 1, you can take about a week or two to do Steps 2 and 3, and then as long as you need for Step 4. You're not forced to study, but I believe you'll enjoy what you learn.

Here's a peek into my example:

I've defined myself as a Unicorn Vamp, which can be explained as - a combination of minimal futuristic looks and theatrical romantic pieces, with edgy details and structural silhouettes

If you do already know what your design style is and can summarize it in one sentence, comment it below and let's start a discussion :)


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