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You won't be researching the latest fashion trends to write about or styling fashion pieces for videos. You also won't be wasting time robotically following instructions that don't benefit you or the company.


  • are a creative critical thinker that is ready to learn

  • work above and beyond given tasks

  • persistent

  • optimistic

  • attentive to EVERY detail

  • and possibly dream of starting your own business in the future


then you've found an opportunity you'll never forget!

Velvet Kat is scouting assistants to work alongside her on the next steps for business growth.


You'll learn to think like a marketer and understand how running your own business works in the real world. Your designated tasks should take no more than 10 hours a week and your internship will last up to 12 weeks. Once your internship ends, you may leave or stay for a possible job opportunity.


Selected interns will be notified within 2 weeks with a video lesson to study and take notes on marketing, branding, and other topics. You will discuss your understanding of the concepts from the video in your interview.


  • Create photo and written content for social media, website, and email blasts

  • Help develop exposure through partner collaborations, sponsorships, and local events

  • Provide support in the creation and execution of marketing campaigns

  • Draft correspondence and copy edit as requested

  • Other duties as assigned



  • High standards in grammar, punctuation, and spelling

  • Able to work in a team as well as one-on-one and able to handle multiple projects simultaneously while meeting deadlines

  • Live in or near downtown Los Angeles; or have reliable transportation; or have Skype so that you can meet/talk with your team for certain parts of projects

  • Creative critical thinker that is ready to learn, work above and beyond given tasks, persistent, optimistic, and attentive to EVERY detail

  • Interest in the Fashion Industry and/or Entrepreneurship

  • (Optional, but major plus) Knowledge and/or experience in any of these: social media marketing, Adobe Suite, Canva, Google Suite, graphic design, Asana

TO APPLY (if you don't follow these instructions, your application will be ignored)
Please, don't send a resume. Send me these files below via my Contact Form

1. Short presentation of yourself in video or Powerpoint PDF


  • Instagram handle

  • Who you are

  • What you do

  • What you love

  • Your current/future goals

  • Your fashionable creativity

  • and why you should be chosen? what skills can you bring to the table?

2. Write a short report(up to 1 page saved as PDF) answering ONE of these questions:

  • Who is a successful entrepreneur you’d love to work with and why?(excluding Billionaires)

  • What are some positive and negative aspects of Instagram?

  • Who is an up and coming fashion designer or artist you admire, and why?

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