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Learn Fashion Illustration

"I spent the most lucrative 4 hours learning how to quickly set up and run an etsy shop with Angelica. She gave me a concise approach with her recommendations on what she learned to make an etsy shop visible and profitable. I have had my own shop open for a week now and have made five sales already. I highly recommend sitting down or videocalling Angelica to learn how to run your own store. She cut down all the time I would have wasted chasing leads that don't really work and allowed me more free time to just worry about the products I sell. She is a very kind and patient teacher and I love her!" - Jordie

"Angelica's fashion illustration class was amazing! Right from the start we took pencil to paper and had the basics we used to build upon. We left with three drawings, one of which we used a watercolor technique, along with tips of drawing wardrobe, faces, and hair. Angelica's clear instruction and kind encouragement instilled confidence and was much appreciated. Even if you have no backgroung in art, you can positively take this class and be amazed that you can draw too!" - Sunny

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