Fashion Academy Affiliate Program

Are you a social media influencer or have a blog or Youtube channel on topics like fashion and entrepreneurship?

Want to earn passive income while you sleep, travel, and continue to do what you're already doing?


Interested in getting to learn from my Annual Fashion Program and VK Network for FREE?


1. Join Today

Apply today, by filling out the form below and answering a short survey. Once approved, you'll receive your affiliate link, be able to choose your preferred method of getting payed, and gain access to everything you need to get started.

2. Process

In your personal affiliate dashboard, you'll be able to track your commission and join the Fashion Program as an online student! All you have to do to promote the Fashion Academy and earn commission is share your affiliate link anywhere your audience will see. You can also follow our guidance with photos and sample scripts.

3. Rewards

The Annual Fashion Program consists of tuition options from $1700-$3089, and you'll be receiving up to 40% commission from each student that enrolls through your affiliate link! Payouts are sent every 1st of the month, but pretty soon, it'll become instant. The highest earning affiliates will also be invited to exclusive events and sponsorships.

Submit an Affiliate Program application below for review!

Once you submit your application, check your email for confirmation and short survey. In the survey, you'll be able to describe what you do and what makes you amazing for the Fashion Academy Affiliate Program. If you don't receive both emails within 24 hours, contact



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